Come and Play!

Two City United Tournament

May 4th, 2013 (Sat) 11:00 am

Free for AGA members! (It costs $30 to join the AGA or $10 for non-member rated play.)

This tournament is hosted by both the West Michigan Go Club (meets in Grand Rapids) and the Kalamazoo Go Club.

Contact Ryan (GRGo) or Contact Paul (KGC) with any questions or for further information.

The details are a little sketchy right now, but we believe this will be self paired and that there will be various non-cash prizes.


Please RSVP for this. We'd like to have everyone's email in case there are any last minute announcements, venue changes, or concerns. Simply send a note to Paul saying how many people will be coming. If it's easier, just join the event on facebook.


We will be using the AGA rules for the tournament. Most people seem to think of Japanese rules, but officially, the rules must be AGA rules for AGA tournaments. The only practical difference for players is the stone passing rule. This is explained rather well on the Sensei's Library.

For completeness, the full AGA rules are provided below.


Please bring whatever boards and clocks you have. We'd rather not ask the AGA for equipment and in all likelyhood we can provide enough boards without having to take that step anyway. If you want to leave your boards in the car, that's probably fine, but please bring them just in case.


We reserved the entire second floor of the D&W Fresh Market in Portage Michigan [click for interactive google map]. It's a great location for go. They have a deli with sammiches and a starbucks for coffee.